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Video production incorporates visuals and sound to create a cinematic sensory experience. The success of a film project resides in creating a fluid and dynamic process. Things will have to be changed on the fly, and only a dedicated video production service like Kevin Crisp Productions of Louisville, KY can see you through. I will guide your project from concept to finish. Every aspect including pre-production, filming, and post-production is seamlessly handled under one roof. No one can match my services!

Video production includes:

● Concept—Every video production begins with a game plan. Chances are, that game plan will change with every step of the process, but it never hurts to have a solid conceptual base to fall back on. My team will help you develop the storytelling elements and add to your creative vision. It helps to have people who understand your goals. From concept to shot composition, everything is handled with dedication and care.

● Graphics—I have all the state of the art graphics systems in-house. The goal is to turn the green screen into an accurate representation of the vision you have in mind. All of our graphics are high definition quality and are perfect for a variety of projects including films, commercials, short films, and TV shows. Much of the modern film industry relies on exceptional graphics teams. Why should your project be any different?

● Editing—The war is won or lost on the editing floor. My state of the art motion graphics and editing services can turn even the blandest shoot into prize-winning material. The editing process is what turns a collection of shots into a cohesive story. It takes the mind of a storyteller to connect the pieces properly. Nothing is left to chance at my studio. I welcome you to bring in footage from a previous shoot or do the whole project under one roof; it is up to you!

Turn any shoot into a story with my video production services! Speak to me today to find out more!

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