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Kevin Crisp Productions of Louisville, KY is a full service production studio capable of taking any project and turning it into a masterpiece. My goal is to serve my clients and make all of their dreams into realities. The hallmark of my production studio is my tireless commitment to creating positive energy. It is something the entire team feeds off of. Without an atmosphere that is conducive to artistic creation, a project cannot succeed!

My production studio includes:

● Green Screen Studio—Since the invention of chroma key technology, film and video have never been the same. The opportunity to turn a single location into your wildest fantasies has gripped even the most daring directors and become a staple at every production studio. I offer white and green stage rentals, so you can enliven your project with whatever atmosphere you desire. It is perfect for interviews, documentaries, and so much more!

● State of the Art Equipment—I ensure my clients that all of my equipment is up to date and functioning. If you are looking for a unique instrument, I do my best to accommodate any request. Everything is done to allow you to commit full focus to your project. The studio includes all of the camera, lighting, and sound gear you could imagine. In addition to this, we have an onsite editing bay, so you can get immediate feedback from your shoot.

● The Team—If you are still looking to put your crew together, I can help. I work with the finest freelance videographers, sound engineers, photographers, set designers, and more! They can deftly turn your imagination into reality. Everyone I refer to my clients understands what it takes to follow an artistic vision. Attention to detail and a rigorous work ethic are a must. Your project will be safe in their hands.

Do not hesitate another moment. The journey to a successful project starts at here! Ask me how my production studio can support your vision!

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