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A director of photography is responsible for making image related decisions during a film shoot. The art of cinematography has undergone near constant revolution since the invention of motion pictures in the late 19th century. Directors rely heavily on the technical knowledge of their director of photography, or DP, to ensure that the aesthetic of the film turns out exactly as planned. My experience serving as a DP has helped hundreds of directors complete their vision.

A director of photography is in charge of:

● Technical Crew—The technical crew is responsible for the lighting, camera operation, lenses, filters, and much, much more. It is important they understand the aesthetic of the project and act accordingly. The advanced optics of the film industry requires a serious technical knowledge of the equipment and resulting images. I can make sure that all of our visual collaboration is expertly executed with attention to detail.

● Cinematography—The cinematographer creates the images used in film. A variety of lighting, framing, and other visual techniques are performed in combination to create the overall aesthetic of the piece. I will properly test our set-up and ensure that your project looks like it is supposed to. The studio is equipped with advanced light and camera operating equipment, and I work with a team of expert technicians. There is nothing we cannot handle.

Whether you are looking for stunning visual effects with the use of our green screen or a more natural aesthetic, there is simply no replacement for a reliable director of photography. I am here to make your project run smoothly. Directors already have a lot on their plate.

Rely on Kevin Crisp Productions of Louisville, KY to handle the technical aspects of filming!

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